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Swanage & Studland Water Safety Information

Water Safety Information for Personal Water Crafts                  (jet skis and small motorised boats)


Swanage and Studland Bay is a special place for all to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

Responsible jet skiers and small motorised boaters are welcome but please follow this guidance to ensure you do not put anyone’s life in danger.

Download Swanage & Studland Water Safety Information Leaflet HERE

Enjoy the water …… it’s in your hands!

⇒ Always wear a personal flotation device

⇒ Having a means of calling for help

⇒ Promote safe riding, get trained and ride      responsibly

⇒ Always wear a kill cord



Swanage Bay

Studland Bay

Pleasure boat byelaw apply in Swanage and Studland

The yellow 5 knot speed marker buoys are in the water from Easter to the end of October. The buoys are placed to ensure the safety of all those using the water by controlling speeds within the landside of the buoys. The area applies to all water craft (this includes jet skis and small motorised boats) and encourages respect, consideration and safety.

Seaside Pleasure Boat Byelaw 2013

Swanage Pier Byelaws 2012

SLOW – See, Look, Observe, Watch

See who else is in the water. The water is a shared space, but swimmers in particular are hard to spot.

Look out for wildlife. Don’t harass or cause disturbance. We have some fabulous wildlife in the sea that can be harmed by noise, speed and aggressive behaviour.

Studland Bay is a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). This means that specific features within the bay are protected and, where necessary, regulators manage marine activities. The designated features of Studland Bay MCZ are seagrass beds, long-snouted seahorses, subtidal sand and intertidal coarse sediment.

Observe the sea conditions. They constantly change and can be unpredictable. The tide comes in and goes out 2 times a day at different times with the water moving in towards the beach or moving out away from the beach. Make sure you know what direction the water is moving in throughout the day. Check tide times, weather forecast and sea conditions before you leave home.

Watch your speed. From the shore to the yellow speed marker buoys the speed limit is 5 Knots (assume 5MPH) – they are there for a reason. Where possible, for your safety and others we would be suggest you remain on the seaward of the buoys.  

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Working in partnership to keep everyone safe – Find out more about the Swanage and Studland Bay Water Safety Partnership here.

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