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About Dorset Coast Forum

Dorset Coast Forum is an independent coastal partnership that brings together individuals and organisations, to collectively deliver on a whole range of social, environmental, and economic opportunities that are relevant to the Dorset coast, its communities and its seas. Through working in partnership, DCF develops and shares ideas, information and expertise.

The Dorset Coast Forum team coproduce partnership projects along the coast from Christchurch to Lyme Regis. One of our key strengths is our independence and neutrality, allowing us to facilitate discussion between individuals and organisations, often with different sets of needs, identifying common goals and establishing next steps.

The team also reach out to local communities, sharing information on plans and policies, and giving communities, businesses and organisations a voice, ensuring their views are fed back to policy and decision makers.

The Forum’s partnership is made up of almost 500 members from around 260 private, voluntary and public organisations. This membership is special as it brings with it a vast amount of expertise and local knowledge of Dorset’s coast and its inshore waters. Through membership, organisations and individuals can connect with others and share information via referrals; communications; workshops and meetings; and the Dorset Coast Forum annual conference covering a wide range of topics and issues relevant to the Dorset coast.


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Coastal Partnerships Network

DCF work in partnership with other coastal partners across the UK and with the Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN). The CPN exist to encourage the exchange of information and debate between Coastal Partnerships, offer increased opportunities for learning, collaboration and influence, and help to strengthen and support Coastal Partnerships, encouraging stronger representation of the value of their work.

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