Swanage Green Seafront Stabilisation & Enhancement Scheme

Sandpit Field, Weather Station field and the Spa beach hut area in Swanage need essential stabilisation work to retain them as integral spaces along the seafront. As part of this work there may also be an opportunity to enhance these spaces for the public benefit.

 Project overview

Due to significant ground movement and slope instability three areas in Swanage need to undergo essential ground stabilisation works in order retain them as integral spaces along the seafront. These include Sandpit Field, Weather Station Field, and the ‘Spa’ beach hut area.

There has been significant monitoring to determine the nature and impact of the ground instability. Evidence of the ground movement is visible if you visit the areas concerned, which show large areas of uneven ground and significant cracks in both retaining walls and in the footpaths. Swanage Town Council are now monitoring over 40 ‘defects’ in these areas.

Whilst it is not able to determine when a significant ground movement may occur as this depends on a wide range of factors, it is clear that there are consequences of inaction, e.g. risks of increased dereliction and costs of temporary/emergency works. Therefore, the essential stabilisation works are scheduled for 2025/2026 and there may be an opportunity, as presented in the Swanage Seafront Masterplan, to significantly enhance these areas, whilst retaining them as a premier events field and key green space. This would ultimately be dependent upon funding.

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James Mitchell

James Mitchell

Dorset Coast Forum Project Officer

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