Core Funding

We would like to thank the following organisations who provide core funding for the DCF Team:

DCF are committed to seeking and negotiating core funding opportunities, as without these contributions DCF would be unable to undertake core work essential to the successful running of the team, whilst supporting delivery of partnership projects.

Project Funding

DCF is well experienced and skilled at raising funds required to support our work, and that of our partners. Funding is gained through partnerships, bid writing or grants provided via statutory bodies. From April 2018 to March 2022, DCF successfully raised over £1.5 million, including capital and revenue funds, to support project work that met the aims of members.

We would like to thank all those who support DCF, currently and in past years. See below for a list of organisations who have all recently provided funding to DCF projects, following applications made by the DCF team.

  • Environment Agency Local Levy
  • Environment Agency Championing Coastal Co-ordination Fund
  • Interreg EU funding
  • Marine Maritime Organisation
  • Fisheries and Seafood Scheme
  • South West Railways Customer and Communities Improvement Fund
  • Public Health Dorset
  • Swanage Town Council
  • Weymouth Town Council
  • The National Trust
  • Local Enterprise Partnership