Young Coastal Champions

We proudly celebrate the accomplishments of young individuals who actively participate in and support the Dorset Coast, aligning with our core objectives of #EnjoyTheCoast, #RespectTheCoast, #CoastalConnection, #CoastalInnovation, and #CoastalRecovery.

Our Young Coastal Champions show exceptional and innovative ways in addressing coastal challenges. Join us as we introduce the inspiring stories of our of Young Coastal Champions, including a beach custodian, skilled boat builder, a passionate nature journalist, and a dedicated seahorse researcher.

Emily – Beach Custodian

Emily, a passionate environmentalist, has taken on the fight to combat plastic pollution on the Jurassic Coast and founded the coastal initiative ‘Smiling Seas’. In one year during 2020 Smiling Seas collected just under 2 tonnes of plastic waste from the Jurassic Coast. Follow Smiling Seas on Instagram @kimmeridgesmilingseas

Honey – Boat Builder

Our first Young Coastal Champion is Honey, a young boat builder at the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy. Join us in celebrating Honey’s inspiring work and learn more about her fascinating journey as a boat builder.

Lydia – Nature Journalist

Lydia participated in Dorset’s Nature Young Journalist led by the Dorset Wildlife Trust and Dorset Local Nature Partnership. Her inspiring article explores the advantages and disadvantages of ocean iron  fertilisation in combating climate change.

Chloe – Diver Seahorse Researcher

Introducing Chloe, our remarkable Young Coastal Champion who enjoys diving and researching seahorses on the Dorset Coast, working with The Seahorse Trust. With her passion for marine life and commitment to conservation, Chloe is making a positive impact in protecting these enchanting creatures and their coastal environment. 

If you are or know of a young person (under 25) who dedicates their spare time to enjoying, improving or protecting our Dorset Coast and would like to share their experience by being a Young Coastal Champion, then we would love to hear from you, please contact us.