Our Business Plan

Our Business Plan

The aim of the Dorset Coast Forum Business Plan is to showcase the strengths and capabilities of the Team, that enable us to work in partnership with local authority departments, partner organisations, businesses and communities. It is also to set out our aims and priorities going forward, to detail the finances of the DCF Team and to set out risks and challenges.

The Business Plan has been prepared by the DCF Co-ordinator and has been approved by the DCF Steering Group. The Steering Group, who meet with the DCF Co-ordinator bi-annually, will then review progress against the Business Plan over 2022-25.

What can the Dorset Coast Forum do for you?

  • Provide a neutral platform for discussion
  • Disseminate relevant data and information to our members
  • Design and deliver innovative projects
  • Provide effective stakeholder engagement
  • Organise and facilitate workshops
  • Empower communities to tackle coastal issues affecting them
  • Provide educational material to schools, businesses and communities
  • Enable networking opportunities through conferences and events
  • Work effectively on issues and opportunities for the coast using our members knowledge and expertise to deliver results
  • Facilitate conflict resolution on coastal issues

Workshops and conferences

The Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) offers a conference and workshop organising service for both small and large scale events. The DCF team has extensive experience in coordinating and delivering conferences, consultations, workshops and events. We are happy to design bespoke events to meet your requirements.

The DCF hold an annual conference for our members on a wide range of topics and issues. We also provide ad hoc meetings, seminars and workshops on issues relevant to the Dorset coast. These events provide an excellent networking facility with communication across a wide range of stakeholders at a local, regional and national level.


The DCF team are experienced in coordinating and delivering a range of projects to benefit the Dorset Coast, as well as writing successful funding bids. Our level of involvement varies depending of the requirements of the project.

Facilitation work

DCF staff have professional training in delivering facilitation services. We can provide a neutral role which is effective in areas of work where there is sometimes conflict. We have impartiality and a proven role in conflict resolution and consensus building.

For more information on our work and the services we offer please contact us »