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Lyme Regis Cobb Stabilisation Scheme

Lyme Regis Cobb Stabilisation Scheme

Phase V: The Cobb

Phase V of the Lyme Regis Environmental Improvement Scheme aims to reinforce and repair the Cobb, a historic harbour which also acts as a breakwater and protects the Lyme Bay area from coastal erosion and flooding. Structural investigations have shown significant signs of sea-floor erosion, which is gradually destabilising the Cobb.

It is predicted that the functionality of the Cobb as a breakwater would end in 2044, potentially resulting in the loss of the harbour, and over 100 residential and non-residential properties will be at risk of flooding and coastal erosion.

The earliest known mention of the historic Cobb is in 1294

What are the proposed plans?

It is being proposed to strengthen and stabilise the structure which will include construction of a sheet pile and concrete toe wall along with a tension pile to anchor the harbour walls.

Additionally, part of the plans includes resurfacing a portion of the walkway on the Cobb, as the surface pathways are deemed to be “generally poor” and can restrict access particularly for the less-abled.


Images of walls showcasing the shifting structure, the slabs in the picture on the left used to be flush and on the right part of the Cobb where re-surfacing will take place (credits: Sara Parker)

Next Steps

At the present moment, work is delayed in the project planning stage.

The Cobb is a Grade 1 listed structure, and Dorset Council are working closely with Historic England and other heritage groups to work towards developing plans that are sensitive to protect the inherent historical and cultural quality.

If plans are approved, Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) will lead on the wider public, community and commercial engagement; ensuring that key user groups are consulted to mitigate any adverse impacts. Two events have been held already with the commercial users of the Cobb, and wider community-level events and activities will take place in due course with updates on this webpage.

DCF and Dorset Council staff consulting with commercial users at the first engagement event in May 2022

Contact details

James Mitchell

Dorset Coast Forum Project Officer


Web: @dorsetcoastforum | Linktree

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