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Dorset Mariculture Strategy

The new Dorset Mariculture strategy aims to provide a route for sustainable marine aquaculture development across Dorset for the next five years.


The Dorset Mariculture Strategy’s vision 
“To have an industry-leading, highly productive aquaculture sector, driven by sustainable production practices and continuous innovation. A sector that delivers a resilient seafood supply chain, contributes to UK food security and brings substantial socio-economic benefits to coastal communities across Dorset”.

Download the Dorset Mariculture Strategy here 

The content of the  strategy was collated through engagement and consultation with the aquaculture sector, by listening to the challenges the sector face, potential opportunities and how these can be capitalised. From these consultations, four main strategic priorities were developed:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Research and Innovation
  3. Industry Support
  4. Training and Skills
Who is this strategy for?
  • The aquaculture and fisheries sector
  • Strategic bodies such as the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, The Local Nature Partnership, The Local Industrial Strategy Working Group, Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Committee, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Dorset Councils Harbour Committee, South West Marine Cluster, Department of International Trade, Seafood 2040 Aquaculture Leadership Group and the Aquaculture Common Issues Group and more
  • For funding bodies, investors and Inward Investment teams to verify the needs of the sector and gain insight into the full potential of the sector
  • Regulators such as Southern IFCA, CEFAS, Fish Health Inspectorate, Environmental Health Officers and local authorities including planners as a reference document
  • Education and research sector such as colleges, universities and independent research bodies
What is the strategy for?

This key document will be used to:

  • Promote and encourage sustainable development of mariculture
  • Provide a shared ambition and a collective voice for the sector
  • Provide guidance on the needs of the sector and how to meet those needs
  • Encourage investment
  • Provide an overview of the issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Provide key action points that explore and drive mariculture development, especially in relation to research
  • Link to and support other key strategies including the Local Industrial Strategy, Dorset Council Economic Growth Strategy, English Aquaculture Strategy, Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group Community-Led Strategy and the Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation
    Authority Annual Plans
Other Aquaculture Initiatives and Events

Dorset & Devon Aquaculture Website

Promotes the aquaculture market in Dorset and East Devon which is growing to meet national and global demand for fish, shellfish and aquatic plants by developing and deploying technologies. Visit the website here

South West Aquaculture Network (SWAN)

Building on the Dorset, “High Potential Opportunity” and part of Maritime UK South West, the SWAN network exists to promote and develop aquaculture in the region. Find out more here

OneHealth Aquaculture Expo – 4th March 2020

Dorset LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) hosted the UK’s first OneHealth Aquaculture Expo at the historic conference centre at Kingston Maurward College, Dorset, on 4th March 2020.

Aquaculture Showcase Event – 16th January 2020

DCF hosted an event to showcase the results of the CEFAS Aquaculture Mapping project, present the draft Dorset Marine Aquaculture Strategy for comments and the Virtual Aquaculture Hub, a new resource for the industry. Here are the presentations from the day.

1. Aquaculture Showcase – Dorset Coast Forum Welcome slides

2. Simon Kershaw- CEFAS Aquaculture Mapping

3. Martin Syvret – Aquaculture Virtual Hub – tour of new website

4. Martin Sutcliffe – Dorset Marine Aquaculture Strategy

5. Pia Bateman – Southern IFCA & role in Aquaculture Management & Regulation

Relevant Documents

FLAG Aquaculture Workshop Report Feb 2018

Contact details

Martin Sutcliffe
Dorset Aquaculture & Fisheries Development Officer

01305 224766

07887 627382

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