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An independent strategic coastal partnership


Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) welcomes, individuals, community groups and coastal and maritime organisations that have an interest or knowledge of the Dorset Coast and its surrounding sea.

We currently has over 460 members from around 260 private, voluntary and public organisations and is continually growing. Membership is free and brings with it a vast amount of expertise, local knowledge and a deep understanding of Dorset’s coast and its inshore waters. The membership is available to individuals who have relevant expertise and experience and who can bring added value to DCF and the wider membership. Through membership, organisations and individuals can receive the following benefits:

  • Ability to connect and network with other members in a neutral setting at the DCF Annual Conference and workshops.
  • Being involved with Dorset Coast Forum projects.
  • Working in collaboration.
  • Stay informed on coastal and marine information.
  • Share knowledge and good practice.
  • Become better informed on policy decisions.
  • Build relationships, share information and reach out to coastal communities via DCF newsletters, DCF and Dorset Coast Have Your Say websites and social media platforms.

 How to sign up!

  • If you are interested in becoming a DCF member, please complete the contact form below.
  • Or you can subscribe to the DCF mailing list to receive our e-newsletter (you do not need to become a member to subscribe to our mailing list).  Please email to subscribe to mailing list only.

Become a member of the Dorset Coast Forum

Main Contact
This will be our principle contact within your organisation, to whom all Dorset Coast Forum
correspondence will be sent.

Please note by submitting the contact form you are aware and agree to the following.

Important Information

Data Protection Act
1 The data you provide to us will only be used by the Dorset Coast Forum Team to communicate information concerning the Dorset Coast Forum and its members.
2 The data you provide to us will not be given to third parties.
3 Your data will be kept by us until you are no longer a member of the Dorset Coast Forum but if at any point you wish for your data to be removed from our database, please contact
4 In order to ensure our data is accurate and up-to-date we may contact you occasionally to confirm your details.
5 The Dorset Coast Forum is for everyone, including individuals or organisations and businesses.

Terms of reference
It is important that the Dorset Coast Forum has a good balance in its membership with representation from people and groups that span all marine sectors, relevant authorities and non governmental organisations and conservation interests. Members should have a vested interest in the Dorset Coast, particularly, planning, management and use of the coast. Applications are via the completion of the above online membership form.

The current DCF membership is composed of over 200 organisations with over 450 individuals.  Member organisations have a primary contact and may nominate secondary contacts within their organisations who:
a) Work in relevant fields to that of DCF
b) Can substitute for the primary member at meetings where necessary
c) Can provide expertise in relevant fields and can input to specific projects.

Main image: DCF Annual Conference 2022 held at Kingston Maurward College.

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