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Canoeing in Poole Harbour

This Canoeing in Poole Harbour map has been created as a useful tool, which includes information to keep you and the local wildlife safe.

Get the most out of your canoeing trips in Poole Harbour; this handy map shows all sorts of useful information, including slipway locations, suggested crossing points to Brownsea Island, tidal flow speeds, parking and bird sensitive areas.

By working with Birds of Poole Harbour, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Dorset Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Borough of Poole and the Poole Harbour Canoe Club the Dorset Coast Forum produced this user friendly waterproof map with clear and useful information for canoeists and kayakers who visit Poole Harbour. This map was funded by Natural England and the RNLI and is supported by Poole Harbour Steering Group.

Download the map here

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