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West Bay Coastal Defence Improvements

Following the storms in 2014, which flooded several areas of West Bay, the Environment Agency have identified this popular coastal town as an area which requires improvements to its coastal defences.

Update September 2018: The formal planning application for this scheme has now been submitted to West Dorset District Council and can be viewed on the planning portal, the reference number for this project is WD/D/18/002112

The Dorset Coast Forum have worked closely with the Environment Agency to involve the community in consultations related to the coastal defence works. Work has been carried out with the local community to look at new improvements to the coastal defences to help prevent flooding in three key areas – east beach, west beach and parkdean embankment.  This has allowed the community to give their opinions and comments, which the Environment Agency have listened to and acted upon where possible during the planning stages.


Previous Meetings

The first step was a consultation event which was held on the 18 March 2016 to make West Bay and Bothenhampton communities aware of the issue, understand the risks and give comments about future possible options. The project team then set to work on considering feasible options for the area with the input of the comments from the event. The documents below detail the FAQs and responses to the questions and comments given at this consultation event.

 Frequently Asked Questions – March 2016

 Responses to March 2016 Public Consultation Questions

This was followed by a consultation event on the 20 October 2016 to look at the different options and get feedback from the community on the most and least preferred options. Below is the presentation of the options given at this event.

West Bay Coastal Defence Presentation – 20th October 2016

On the 23 March 2017 an all day drop in event was held for the community to view the proposed schemes and talk to staff.

On the 19th July 2018 another drop in event took place to allow the community to view how the proposed schemes have progressed and to talk to staff. The response to comments from this consultation can be found in the document below.

Responses to July 2018 Public Consultation Comments

For more information, contact Project Manager Nigel Bennetts via the email or contact us.


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