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Swanage Town Centre Flood Defences

The Swanage Town Centre Flood Defences project aims to improve flood defences for Swanage town centre, including the lower High Street. Public spaces will be enhanced to make them fit for modern purpose and resilient to the increasing risk of flooding events.

The work is being developed by theĀ Swanage Coastal Change Forum, a partnership of organisations . By working together, and involving the community at key points, the project aims to achieve a better result for local residents and visitors alike, whilst minimising disruption. Swanage Town Council, the Environment Agency and a partnership of coastal engineers from Dorset Council and BCP Council, will each lead on aspects of the work, which will be co-ordinated by Dorset Coast Forum.

Temporary defences were deployed by the Environment Agency for the 2019/20 winter season. This short term solution will be replaced in the long term by the works currently being planned for lower High Street.

Dorset Coast Forum is planning community engagement for members of the public to have an opportunity to have their say on planned proposals for long-term alternatives. Details of community engagement to follow.

Winter temporary flood defences are being deployed on the 19th October. It will take the Environment Agency two days to deploy the 50 concrete Legato blocks in three locations to prevent waves overtopping and protecting the town centre from now to until Spring 2021.

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