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Swanage Seafront Masterplan

Swanage Seafront Masterplan

The Swanage Seafront Masterplan is an aspirational strategy that aims to improve and conserve Swanage seafront for the benefit of residents, businesses, visitors and the environment. 

We recognise that Swanage is a well-loved beautiful seaside town that has its own character and heritage, and the masterplan is not about changing the look and feel of the seafront but rather presenting an aspirational vision for the management of the seafront.

We are seeking the views of the community of seafront users – the residents, businesses, recreational groups and visitors that enjoy what Swanage has to offer. A long-term strategy will ensure that Swanage Town Council can plan their resources effectively to ensure the conservation and improvement of the seafront.

What area will the seafront masterplan cover?

Swanage seafront covers an area from Peveril Point to Ballard Down, however, much of this area is privately owned and the seafront masterplan will focus on the areas operated by the Town Council, namely from the Pier to where Shore Road merges with Ulwell Road. That is not to say that suggestions cannot be made to areas not operated under Town Council.

The area (in orange on the map) operated by the Town Council includes the area from the pier to the Mowlem, beach, Sandpit fields, the bandstand area, Weather Station Field and the Spa beach huts.

Orange indicates areas operated by Swanage Town Council

Get involved with the Seafront Masterplan!

We are seeking views and ideas to inform the development of the masterplan.

You can help inform the process by completing a survey, adding your ideas to our ‘Seafront Ideas Board‘ and also attending one of our community engagement events.

Find out more about how you can get involved at the Swanage Seafront Masterplan Have Your Say website


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