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Opportunity for local businesses to clean up their Butts

Opportunity for local businesses to clean up their Butts
Posted : March 26, 2018

Local businesses are being given the opportunity to help tackle the cigarette butt litter issue in Dorset.  Following on from their #BinYourButt campaign last year, Litter Free Dorset have three of the HUBBUB Ballot Bins to give away to local businesses – for free.

Charlie Wild Project Officer, explains; “The Ballot Bins are a fun and simple way to get smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts in a more responsible way rather than just throwing them on the floor. There is a question section at the top of the Ballot Bin. Businesses can put in anything they like – who has better hair; Trump or Putin? Who will win the local football game – team A or team B? Smokers then ‘vote’ with their cigarette butts. It gets people talking, is a bit different from your regular bin, but most importantly ensures cigarette butts end up in the bin and not on the floor.”

The campaign that ran for just over a month at the end of last year in Dorchester, Ferndown and Swanage saw an almost 60% reduction of cigarette related litter compared to the start of the campaign.

Three of the Ballot bins have already been distributed around Dorset, most recently being taken on by the Pursuit of Hoppiness in Bridport.

Charlie said, “We want to help businesses keep this up, and so we are offering these Ballot Bins for free.  The Ballot Bins usually cost £220 plus VAT, so we are very excited to be able to give them away free of charge. There are three left, and want to make sure they go to places that will really make the most of them.”

For any businesses wanting to take advantage of this opportunity get in touch with Litter Free Dorset at: or 01305 224833


Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution
Posted : January 12, 2018

Litter Free Coast and Sea welcomes the news from the government who have pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042 and sees this as a step in the right direction.

Litter Free Coast and Sea have been working along the Dorset coast with communities, individuals and businesses to reduce the amount of litter, often from plastic, that often ends up in the sea or on the beautiful Dorset beaches.

Matilda Manley, Litter Free Coast and Sea coordinator said “It’s an ongoing problem in Dorset and we are working with many others to try and coordinate action to stop litter reaching our coast. A campaign we are working on to highlight this issue is part of our Coastal Community Funded project working with local food and drink kiosks in Bournemouth, West Bay, Weymouth and Lyme Regis to find alternative solutions to plastic food packaging”.

Our sister project Litter Free Dorset is also helping to address the problem throughout the whole of Dorset launching a roadside litter campaign as so much plastic packaging is ending up on the roadside verges.

Craig Bowden from Litter Free Coast and Sea said, “There are many small steps that we can take to reduce our own plastic use.  Our recent Last Straw campaign asked people to ditch plastic straws as they are one of the most common single use plastic items found in their regular beach clean events.  Swapping to paper or reusable straws is easy and we hope businesses and the public along the coast will do just that”.

With plastic pollution now being recognised more widely as a problem, most notably highlighted in David Attenborough’s recent TV series Blue Planet II, the hope is that more people will get involved in the campaign against plastic waste. Litter Free Coast and Sea currently have many ways that you can get involved.

If you would like more information,  would like to find your closest 2 Minute Beach Clean station (of which there are 20 along the whole Dorset coast), or places where you can fill up your reusable water bottle for free, all this information and more can be found at Litter Free Coast and Sea’s website –

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Litter Free News – December 2017

Litter Free News – December 2017
Posted : December 15, 2017

The Last Straw campaign is asking people to give up plastic straws. The Christmas and New Year campaign aims to reduce the amount of disposable plastic straws used and thrown away. Find out more about the project on our website and see how you can get involved:  or follow on twitter and Facebook #TheLastStraw.

Litter Free Coast and Sea visited the sewage treatment works run by Wessex Water over in Swanage. This allowed LFCS to see the effects of putting fats, oils and greases down the drain. LFCS will be working with Wessex Water on a new project located in Swanage in the new on this issue.

Litter Free Dorset attended the local Swanage pub watch meeting to discuss the Bin Your Butts campaign, and how pubs in Swanage can help promote the message. Additional portable ashtrays were distributed to the pub landlords, and the HUBBUB Ballot Bin was given to the landlord of the Anchor Inn to trial out to help reduce the number of cigarette butts discarded in Swanage.

A roadside litter campaign is currently being put together, look out for more information in the New Year.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, businesses, partners and organisations who have got involved with Litter Free Coast and Sea over the last year.

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