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December Team News

December Team News
Posted : December 20, 2018


  • Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting on the 29th November, the feedback we’ve had has been really positive, particularly about the diverse range of inspiring speakers. The presentations are now available on our website here.
  • The DCF team are working with Dorset Wildlife Trust and Southern IFCA to facilitate workshops regarding the Marine Protected Areas Community Planning project, funded by the FLAG. Two workshops have already taken place in Lyme Regis and Weymouth, the final workshop takes place tomorrow evening in Swanage.
  • DCF have been invited to apply to the final stage of the Coastal Communities Fund Round 5 bid. The portfolio bid includes projects in Weymouth, Swanage, Portland, Lyme Regis and Charmouth. Find out more here.
  • DCF facilitated a workshop for Cefas on 12th December, which focused on the feasibility of seaweed aquaculture.
  • Natalie held a workshop during the FLAG Board meeting, which focussed on the marine plans and how to stakeholders would like to engage with them.
  • The DCF team have been shortlisted for a national LGC Award. The winners of the awards will be announced on 13th March 2019.
  • DCF have contracted Resort Marketing to develop and promote iCoast over the next year as part of the Dorset Coastal Connections project.

Dorset Coastal Connections (DoCC)

  • We are delighted that artist Alice Blogg, together with Common Ground has been appointed to design creative seating and animal architecture along the River Lim Path between Lyme Regis and Uplyme; we look forward to see Alice’s initial designs in the new year.
  • Weymouth promenade’s new artistic lighting scheme was given the go ahead by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council’s Planning Committee. W&PBC will now progress with the tender process and are looking to appoint a contractor to supply and install the new seafront scheme and are planning that the new contractor will be in place to start in the new year, with the new scheme installed by late Spring 2019.
  • Vegetation clearance works have started this week along the West Bay bridleway from Burton Road to the West Bay Road car park in preparation for the new shared access path works due to take place in March/April 2019.  Please see the for updates on this and all the Dorset Coastal Connections projects.

Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

  • FARNET Circular Economy Conference – France – Martin has just returned from a three day conference in south west France discussing the circular economy and how reducing, reusing and recycling products and materials can be embedded into fisheries and aquaculture. Martin also presented at the seminar which had over 300 delegates highlighting potential to use by-products from algae farming in cosmetics, food and agriculture and raising the profile of the work that the FLAG has been doing here in Dorset and East Devon.
  • Board meeting – The FLAG held it’s final board meeting for 2018 on 11 December. Two more projects were recommended for FLAG funding – watch this space for more details as the project progress
  • LNP update – Martin presented an update to the LNP board on 12 December during which he highlighted the work that the FLAG has done locally and the projects that have been developed for the main European Maritime and Fisheries Fund programme.
  • EMFF replacement for UK announced –The government has announced there will be a replacement for EMFF post Brexit and more details will be announced in the autumn of 2019. Details are light at the moment but up to £37M will be released to support fisheries and coastal communities in England. Read more here.
  • Project claims – As FLAG moves towards the final stages of the funding part of the programme Martin is spending more time ensuring that projects are able to claim their grants back from the Marine Management Organisation. To date just over £143,000 has now been paid back to applicants for completed projects.

Litter Free Coast and Sea (LFCS)

  • Following the launch of our inaugural ‘Love Swanage’ event, Sarah took our specially commissioned Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) wobble board to the local household recycling centre in Swanage where residents can recycle their used cooking oil. Oils from cooking can harm the environment and apart from the possibility of blocking your sinks and drains, oil reaches the sea through the drainage system and can be harmful to marine life. Our campaign message focuses on mindful disposal of waste cooking oil, in a way that doesn’t damage drains or the environment, plus it also helps produce biofuel which is much less polluting than fossil fuels. All together now…’Don’t Clog with FOG! #ThatsTheWayToDoIt
  • We won! In celebration of the movers and shakers in environmental and facilities management and those implementing these solutions within their organisations, we were absolutely thrilled to be nominated as a finalist and then WIN in the Community Project category at the Big Green Awards on the 20th November. Our category was sponsored by Explosive Marketing and although we were unable to be there in person to receive the award, huge thanks to colleagues from Low Carbon Dorset for collecting the award on our behalf and commiserations to our superb category finalists: RNLI, Rareloop & Wimborne War on Waste.

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Dorset portfolio funding bid progresses to next stage

Dorset portfolio funding bid progresses to next stage
Posted : November 9, 2018

An ambitious portfolio bid to Round 5 of Government’s Coastal Communities Fund has progressed a stage further this week, being invited to proceed to the second stage of the application process. The ‘Gateways to business growth in Dorset’ bid, which is being led by Dorset Coast Forum, involves projects in Swanage, Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis and Charmouth, and will now be worked up in detail ready for the next stage of assessment in January 2019. The portfolio aims to improve these key business areas by making enhancements which will, benefit local businesses, encourage new businesses to the area and increase tourism.

Natalie Poulter, Dorset Coast Forum Co-ordinator said ‘we’re really pleased that Dorset’s portfolio has been selected to go forward to the next stage of the process. This fund is very competitive and our selection shows the strength of the broad concepts and the strong track record Dorset has for making the most of the funding we’ve received previously; we’d like to thank all our partners for helping to get the bid this far.’

Looking ahead to the next stage of the application, Natalie said ‘It’s important that these projects are worked up with consultation and input from a wide range of stakeholders and the different community groups at in each area. We are looking forward to working with all those relevant groups in the coming weeks to help us get the final submission right for the communities involved.’

If successful, ‘Gateways to business growth in Dorset’ would bring an additional grant of £2.36 million to Dorset, matched by almost £2 million additional funding from a range of other sources. The portfolio’s projects include:

  • Swanage Coastal Enhancement project – improvements to the main shopping street and the seafront
  • Weymouth Station Gateway –  enhance the public realm at Weymouth train station for visitor welcome, traffic and sustainable transport infrastructure and links to businesses
  • Portland Gateway Enhancement – improving public realm and highways infrastructure at Victoria Square
  • Lyme Regis/Charmouth Enhancement Project – an access ramp at Charmouth and improved public realm at Lyme Regis

The team will submit the detailed application to CCF in January 2019 and expect to hear whether or not it has been successful in April 2019.

The Coastal Communities Fund is administered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, to support projects which generate jobs and invest in regenerating England’s seaside towns and countryside. Dorset Coast Forum has a strong track record for delivering projects such as this, and is currently delivering Dorset Coastal Connections, a £5.6million portfolio from the previous round of the same fund.


November Team News

November Team News
Posted : November 6, 2018


  • Our new Dorset Coastal Stories film launched today! You can watch The Fisherman Chef with Ashley Stones on our website here. It’s a inspiring story, please do share it with your contacts.
  • The DCF Aquaculture Development Officer, Martin Syvret, has been appointed to the Aquaculture Leadership Group (ALG) which has been formed under the Seafood 2040 strategy for England.  The ALG has been tasked with delivering important recommendations to develop aquaculture within England under SF2040.
  • Work is continuing developing the ‘Aquaculture Park’ concept and discussions are ongoing with potential funding organisations.  Developing the Aquaculture Park approach could help towards fulfilling one of the key recommendations under SF2040 for establishing prioritised aquaculture areas.
  • Martin Syvret has been helping to develop the Department of International Trade (DIT) High Potential Opportunity for inward investment for aquaculture in the Dorset region.  The HPO offering should be developed by mid-December 2018 with a launch in early 2019. More on this soon…

Dorset Coastal Connections (DoCC)

  • We are pleased that free public Wi-Fi is now available at Charmouth Beach, providing seamless Wi-Fi connectivity on both sides of the river.  Installation was funded as part of the DoCC portfolio.
  • The application deadline inviting artists to design creative seating and animal architecture along the River Lim Path between Lyme Regis and Uplyme has been extended to the 13th November.  You can view the artist brief on both The Arts Development Company and DoCC websites.
  • The Christchurch cycle path project is now complete with new and improved wayfinding signage in place to encourage more people to use the 24-mile cycle network available in Christchurch.
  • Plans for the Highcliffe zig zag path are moving rapidly forward with contractor Earlcoate Construction now appointed and planning to start the path rebuild works on 12th November.
  • Construction work is underway at Norden car park, with improvements to the buildings and toilet facilities nearing completion; the play park installation and car parking landscaping is due to start in November. All improvements are planned to be completed by the end of the year.

Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

  • The FLAG programme is managed by the Marine Management Organisation and they hold an annual conference for all UK FLAGs. This year we were delighted to host it here in Dorset. The conference was a fantastic three days and gave us the chance to really highlight and showcase the great work and projects that the FLAG has funded. 35 delegates from right across the UK made their way to Dorset and visited Lyme Regis and the Cobb harbour. There was also a fantastic meal hosted at the Crab House Café in Wyke Regis.
  • Martin will be heading to the south of France on November 22nd for a 3 day FARNET conference examining the circular economy. FARNET is the European wide network of FLAGs and over 300 delegates from around Europe will be attending. This is the second conference Martin has been to and he has found them to be a great opportunity to share best practice, discuss projects and develop new ideas.
  • The next FLAG board meeting is scheduled for December 11th when a further two projects will be considered for funding.

Litter Free Coast and Sea (LFCS)

  • We have now appointed the Maternity cover role for the Litter Free Coast and Sea Coordinator.  Gwen Hawkins will start almost immediately so will be able to do a handover before Matilda goes off on Maternity leave. We wish Matilda and her family well as they prepare for the arrival of their second child in December.
  • Caroline Richards joined the team as the Project Support Officer in September and has been working with Sarah Spurling on the Love Our Beach campaign in Swanage. They have been busy developing the Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) campaign. The “Love Swanage” event took place on the 3rd November and was a great success. The event also sees the launch of the residents’ campaign about how to dispose of fats and oils responsibly. The overall aim is to help improve and maintain bathing water quality in Swanage with a focus on the reduction of fats, oils and greases in the drain network and helping to reduce coastal litter. Working closely with key partners including the Litter Free Coast and Sea working group, Dorset Coast Forum members, Litter Free Purbeck, Swanage Town Council, Environmental Health, Environment Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association, they will deliver a range of work aimed at specific audiences, including making a FOG video! Watch this space for updates! Lights, camera, action…
  • Matilda presented the Eco champion award at the Dorset Food & Drink Awards in October where  the LFCS and Litter Free Dorset sponsored award was won by Bridport based Waste Not, Want Not , a category focused on the things businesses are doing to reduce plastic and single use item consumption, litter prevention and preventing bathing water pollution.

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