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Plastic Free Day – 3rd July

Plastic Free Day – 3rd July
Posted : June 19, 2018

On July 3rd 2018 challenge yourself, workplace or school to a Zero Waste Lunch.

Litter Free Coast and Sea have created an annual Plastic Free Day to help individuals, teams and schools cut down on single use plastic and find alternatives that are more sustainable.

This year Litter Free Coast and Sea are asking you to challenge yourself, workplace or school to have a Zero Waste Lunch on the 3rd July. A Zero Waste Lunch is one that uses as little single-use plastic as possible. You might have to do things a bit differently, however Litter Free Coast and Sea have provided some tips on their website ( to get you thinking about reusable containers and single-use plastic free alternatives.

Craig Bowden, from Litter Free Coast and Sea said “Have you ever sat back and considered the amount of single-use plastic lunch time can consist of? Sandwiches wrapped in cling film, a chocolate wrapper, yogurt pots, plastic cutlery, plastic water bottles, it sometimes seems impossible to avoid the large amounts of single-use plastic consumed in our lunch break. It may seem like a difficult challenge but there is a huge number of alternatives out there. Ditching single-use plastic, even just for your lunch hour has never been easier and it could save you money too. When was the last time your team/friends got together and had lunch together? Here is a great excuse to get together and help reduce your impact on the environment”.

This year alone, the UK will use 16.5 billion pieces of plastic cutlery, 42 billion straws and 4.1 billion single-use drinks cups and lids. Although there is a growing movement towards reducing the impact of single use plastic, Litter Free Coast and Sea hope that by taking part in their Plastic Free Day you can help them keep this momentum going, helping Dorset and the rest of the UK ditch single use plastic once and for all.

If you, your workplace or school would like to take part, please visit to find out more, including top tips, competitions, posters to download and display and links to help make Dorset’s lunch hour on the 3rd July plastic free.

Remember to share images of your zero waste lunch on social media using #litterfreecoastandsea #zerowastelunch #plasticfreeday


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