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Plans progress for Lyme Regis to Uplyme path improvements

Plans progress for Lyme Regis to Uplyme path improvements
Posted : November 15, 2017

Plans to improve and enhance a popular path between Lyme Regis and Uplyme have moved a step closer to fruition following a recent series of public engagement events. Members of both communities were invited to have their say on the plans, and contributed valuable information through sticky dots, post it notes and useful conversations with the project team. The engagement sessions were run by Dorset Coast Forum, an independent strategic coastal partnership which is co-ordinating a portfolio of 18 projects including the Lyme-Uplyme path; all 18 have received funding from the Coastal Communities Fund, and have community input at their heart. Project officer Nikki Parker-Goadsby said,

“We were delighted to see so many people come and see us, or give us their views through our website. The community’s ideas, thoughts and preferences will all be taken into account as plans progress. The “River Lim Path” as it will be known, is part footpath and part bridleway, so it’s important we consider all users, and we heard from both walkers and horse-riders about what was important to them. We’ve also been able to explore a wealth of local knowledge and will be looking carefully to see how and where it might be appropriate to share that at key locations, without detracting from the character of this beautiful, rural path.”

The Lyme Regis-Uplyme project is being led by Lyme Forward, a local community organization with over ten years’ experience in delivering community projects. Adrian Ragbourne from Lyme Forward said,

“The aim of the project is to improve the path, making sure we keep its natural character, and to improve access for local people and visitors. Having our communities involved in the process in this way is important if we’re to achieve that, and we’d like to thank everyone who got in touch to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas. We’re now working closely with the relevant authorities and landowners, and with the Arts Development Company and Dorset Coast Forum to make the right kind of improvements where they’re needed, and give Lyme and Uplyme the useful, beautiful and characterful connection they deserve.”


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