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Eva’s Experience working with Dorset Coast Forum

Eva’s Experience working with Dorset Coast Forum
Posted : November 17, 2017

My name is Eva Garrity and I am a year 10 student attending Parkstone Grammar School. This year at my school everyone in year 10 will be taking part in a work experience week where they choose a workplace of their choice. My choice was the Dorset Coast Forum and on Thursday 9th November I was given the opportunity to go to the Dorset Coast Forum Annual Meeting to help out and learn more about that area of work. Because of my interest in this subject, I was keen to do this to find out more about the Dorset Coast Forum particularly as I am planning to do my work experience placement within the team in June.

My day started with introductions and giving a hand sorting out the venue and name badges for when the delegates arrived. Once everyone was settled the conference started and I was quickly drawn into some of the matters that surround our local coastal area. There was a wide range of presentations which were interesting to me as I try to broaden my understanding of challenges facing our coastal environment.

The conference provided an insight into the diverse range of work that the DCF team gets involved in. One of the presentations which I was particularly fascinated by was Litter Free Coast and Sea. This presented major issues we face like climate change and the problems surrounding Wessex Water’s customers and trying to keep drinking water safe and clean. Some substances are challenging to filter out of the water like microplastics which can be found in some cosmetics. As well as this, their customers must also be happy and if the bills are rising, due to the extra costs of the company to keep up with the tightening standards, then they won’t be happy!

This subject really got me interested and the whole day was such an amazing opportunity! It allowed me to gain more of an understanding of problems that surround us and the coast and gave me an insight into what work people do to try and conquer these issues. It also helped me capture some ideas of career paths I may like to follow in the future and what I would like to learn more about. I also had the chance to meet some of the wonderful Dorset Coast Forum team.

I’d like to thank the DCF for their hospitality and the great amount I learnt from the opportunity and look forward to joining them again in the summer.


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