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Dorset portfolio funding bid progresses to next stage

Dorset portfolio funding bid progresses to next stage
Posted : November 9, 2018

An ambitious portfolio bid to Round 5 of Government’s Coastal Communities Fund has progressed a stage further this week, being invited to proceed to the second stage of the application process. The ‘Gateways to business growth in Dorset’ bid, which is being led by Dorset Coast Forum, involves projects in Swanage, Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis and Charmouth, and will now be worked up in detail ready for the next stage of assessment in January 2019. The portfolio aims to improve these key business areas by making enhancements which will, benefit local businesses, encourage new businesses to the area and increase tourism.

Natalie Poulter, Dorset Coast Forum Co-ordinator said ‘we’re really pleased that Dorset’s portfolio has been selected to go forward to the next stage of the process. This fund is very competitive and our selection shows the strength of the broad concepts and the strong track record Dorset has for making the most of the funding we’ve received previously; we’d like to thank all our partners for helping to get the bid this far.’

Looking ahead to the next stage of the application, Natalie said ‘It’s important that these projects are worked up with consultation and input from a wide range of stakeholders and the different community groups at in each area. We are looking forward to working with all those relevant groups in the coming weeks to help us get the final submission right for the communities involved.’

If successful, ‘Gateways to business growth in Dorset’ would bring an additional grant of £2.36 million to Dorset, matched by almost £2 million additional funding from a range of other sources. The portfolio’s projects include:

  • Swanage Coastal Enhancement project – improvements to the main shopping street and the seafront
  • Weymouth Station Gateway –  enhance the public realm at Weymouth train station for visitor welcome, traffic and sustainable transport infrastructure and links to businesses
  • Portland Gateway Enhancement – improving public realm and highways infrastructure at Victoria Square
  • Lyme Regis/Charmouth Enhancement Project – an access ramp at Charmouth and improved public realm at Lyme Regis

The team will submit the detailed application to CCF in January 2019 and expect to hear whether or not it has been successful in April 2019.

The Coastal Communities Fund is administered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, to support projects which generate jobs and invest in regenerating England’s seaside towns and countryside. Dorset Coast Forum has a strong track record for delivering projects such as this, and is currently delivering Dorset Coastal Connections, a £5.6million portfolio from the previous round of the same fund.


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