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Artist wanted for Litter Free Coast & Sea project

Artist wanted for Litter Free Coast & Sea project
Posted : December 14, 2017

Artist wanted to help stop people littering Dorset’s coast. Have you got a creative and innovative idea that will encourage people to change their behaviour? We need to stop littering the beautiful Dorset coastline and sea.  Make residents and visitors to become more aware of the damage littering causes, and why we need to stop.

This initiative is part of the Dorset Coastal Connections’ portfolio of 18 projects. It’s funded by the Coastal Community Fund and coordinated by the Dorset Coast Forum. The Arts Development Company are working collaboratively with the forum and the individual project teams. This a high-profile development for Dorset and is likely to attract local media attention as well as much public interest.

For more information and to apply, visit the Arts Development Company’s website:

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