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Moors at Arne FAQs

FAQs – Traffic Management

FAQs – Working times

FAQ General

FAQ Navigation and Siltation

FAQ Public Access

FAQ Ecology

FAQ Flood Risk 1

FAQ Flood Risk 2 – April 2021 updates

FAQ Biting Insects and Ticks

Notice of Works

Notice of HGV Diversion Route and Temporary 20mph speed limit – June 2023

Notice of Passing Places work – June 2023

Notice of Treeworks – April 2023

Planning Conditions 2023

Tree Protection Plan & Arboricutural Method Statement

 Kier CMS Standard SHEMS-STD-GR-057 Vehicles Plant and Equipment

 Kier CMS Standard SHEMS-STD-GR-500 Vehicle Management

 Kier CMS Standard SHEMS-STD-GR-501 Driver Management

 Construction Environmental Management Plan

 Arne Moor Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Desk Study Issue 3

 The Moors at Arne Habitat Creation, Management and Monitoring Plan

 The Moors at Arne Sand Lizard Method Statement

Construction Traffic Management Plans 2023

Appendix A-1 – Temporary Speed Reduction on Approach to Site Compound

 Appendix A-2 – HGV Diversion Route

 Appendix A-3 – Temporary Speed Reduction for Construction Access Route

 Appendix B-1 – HGV Site Compound Access General Arrangement 

 Appendix B-2 – HGV Site Compound Access – Junction Visibility Splay

 Appendix B-3 – HGV Site Compound Access – Vehicle Tracking

 Appendix C – Site Compound Layout

 Appendix D – Arne Moors Construction Programme

 Appendix E – Offsite Highway Works

 Appendix F – TPO Survey

 Appendix G – Abnormal Load Escort Route to Site Compound

Moors at Arne – TMP Appendix H – Haul Road Configuration and Satelllite Compound Locations

Moors at Arne – Traffic Management and Logistics Plan Rev 1.2

Public Exhibition June 2022

Public Exhibition Event Boards June 2022

Stakeholder Liaison Group

The purpose of the Stakeholder Liaison Group is to share the latest information and updates on Project progress, provide a forum for facilitated comment and discussion where questions can be raised and answers provided, and to clarify the next stages of the Project. The Group is an advisory group, not a decision making body but it is able to influence certain elements of the project.

The Group consists of interested parties and organisations who may have an interest in the project’s delivery. It includes representation on flood risk, boating, business, access, recreation, landscape, birds and wildlife, and the local community.

Terms of Reference – Stakeholder Liaison Group 

SLG Meeting 9 Presentation (April 2021) 

SLG Meeting 9 Notes (April 2021)

SLG Meeting 8 Presentation (February 2021)

SLG Meeting 8 Notes (February 2021)

SLG Meeting 7  Presentation (November 2020)

SLG Meeting 7  Notes (November 2020)

SLG Meeting 6 Presentation (September 2020)

SLG Meeting 6 Notes (September 2020)

SLG Meeting 5 Presentation

SLG Meeting 5 Notes (October 2019)

SLG Meeting 4 Presentation

SLG Meeting 4 Notes (June 2019)

SLG Meeting 3 Presentation

SLG Meeting 3 Notes (November 2018)

 SLG Meeting 2 Presentation 

SLG Meeting 2 Notes (October 2018)

SLG Meeting 1 Presentation

SLG Meeting 1 Notes (September 2018)

Ridge Surface Water Drainage Information

Ridge Surface Water Drainage FAQs

Ridge Drainage Map Schematic May 2018

Ridge Drainage Map Detailed May 2018


Groundwater Factsheet

Ridge Presentation July 2018

Ridge Groundwater Presentation July 2018 Final

Public Exhibition November 2018

Public Exhibition Display Boards

Feedback Summary



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