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An independent strategic coastal partnership

Swanage Coastal Change Forum

The Swanage Coastal Change Forum (SCCF) was formed to help the community of Swanage become better prepared for managing and adapting to future changes to the coast arising from erosion and sea level rise.

Coastal changes could have diverse implications for Swanage, impacting upon the environment, businesses and tourism. The SCCF raises awareness and understanding of how these changes might affect all sectors of the community and provides opportunities for the community to discuss how best to adapt to these changes. The SCCF is a politically neutral body which has been set up by Swanage residents following the government-funded Coastal Change Pathfinder Project which engaged communities in planning to adapt to coastal change.  The SCCF is affiliated to the Dorset Coast Forum and its Steering Group includes Agencies with responsibilities for flood and coastal erosion risk management.

The SCCF Steering Group

The SCCF Steering Group is made up of representatives from Dorset Council, BCP Council, Swanage Town Council, Environment Agency, Natural England, Jurassic Coast Trust and Dorset Coast Forum. It has been set up to:

  • act as the advisory group that provides ideas and advice on relevant issues
  • contribute expertise and information for dissemination to the community
  • contribute to SCCF meetings or events
  • promote the SCCF and encourage membership by stakeholders within Swanage
  • raise awareness of the SCCF within the organisation or group they represent and feedback on outcomes
  • disseminate information to the community and to local authorities and government.

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