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An independent strategic coastal partnership

Dorset Coastal Community Team

The Dorset Coastal Community Team (DCCT), represented by the Dorset Coast Forum, covers the coast from Weymouth to Christchurch, as well as areas of the coast to the west of Weymouth which aren’t covered by the other four coastal community teams.

Coastal Community Teams are local partnerships consisting of the local authority and a range of people and business interests from a coastal community who have an understanding of the issues facing that area and can develop an effective forward strategy their location. In July 2015 the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) invited the creation of Coastal Community Teams (CCT) with their main objective being to write an economic plan for their area by 31 January 2016.

Dorset Coastal Community Teams

In Dorset there are five Coastal Community Teams which cover the whole of the Dorset Coast:

Dorset Coastal Community Team Economic Plans

Economic plans for each coastal area have been written and consulted on and the DCCT have also produced a connective economic plan for the whole of the Dorset Coast.

Dorset Coastal Community Team Connective Economic Plan 2018

Dorset Coast Economic Plan – Bournemouth Plan June 2018

Dorset Coast Economic Plan – Christchurch Plan June 2018

Dorset Coast Economic Plan – Poole Plan June 2018

Dorset Coast Economic Plan – Purbeck Plan June 2018


The other Coastal Community Teams in Dorset have written their own area specific plans. If you would like to know more about those plans, contact the relevant Coastal Community Team.

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