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An independent strategic coastal partnership

DCF Meeting 2017 Presentations

Read Eva Garrity’s work experience blog about the Dorset Coast Forum Annual Meeting 2017

Dorset Coast Forum meeting 2017 Agenda

Dorset Coast Forum update

Bridget Betts, Dorset Coast Forum

Dorset Coast Forum update presentation

A problem shared… Litter Free Coast and Sea 4 years on – measuring success

Matilda Manley, Litter Free Coast and Sea & Ruth Barden, Wessex Water

Litter Free Coast & Sea 4 years on presentation

The sustainable, environmental and future benefits of aquaculture

Richard Prickett, Native Marine Centre & Hugh Wiltshire, Quest Marine

 Richard Prickett benefits of aquaculture presentation

Hugh Wiltshire benefits of aquaculture images

A journey to the coast

Natalie Poulter, Dorset Coastal Connections & Cleo Evans, The Arts Development Company

Dorset Coastal Connections presentation

An Urban Disruptor – different ways of thinking about towns and our coasts

Andrea Winders, Disruptieve

An Urban Disruptor presentation

Undulate Rays, a long established Dorset Community

Martin & Sheilah Openshaw, The Undulate Ray Project

Undulate Ray Project presentation

5 minute soapbox slots

Jurassic Coast Trust: standing in the footsteps of giants – Sam Rose, The Jurassic Coast Trust

Data management in government, commerce and NGO Sectors – John Pepper, Oceanwise

MMO licencing update – Frances Edwards, Marine Management Organisation

The proposed Colter drilling operation – Donal O’Dricoll, Corallian Energy

Welcome to Dorset – developing the cruise tourism industry in Dorset

Ian McQuade, Portland Port

Developing the cruise tourism industry in Dorset presentation

Ecology, landscape, communities and development – shaping more sustainable places

Ian Boyd, ARC Consultancy

Shaping more sustainable places presentation

Growing and sustaining a unique economic asset – South West Coast Path

Esther Pearson, South West Coast Path

Growing and sustaining a unique economic asset presentation

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