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An independent strategic coastal partnership

Our Strategy

The Dorset Coast Strategy (2011 – 2021) has been developed by our members to promote sustainable coastal and marine management of the Dorset coast.

The strategy’s vision is:

“In 2050, the Dorset coast and marine environment, its landscapes and seascapes, cultural heritage and rich biodiversity, are protected and enhanced for current and future generations. Communities living there are healthy, resilient and living in harmony with natural processes, whilst a diverse and thriving coastal economy which uses natural resources sustainably supports those communities. Both residents and visitors alike are using the coast responsibly for enjoyment, education and inspiration.”

The Dorset Coast Forum has five key objectives:

  1. A coast that is at least as beautiful, and as rich in wildlife and cultural heritage, as it is now
  2. A thriving and diverse coastal economy which uses the resources of the coast sustainably
  3. A coast that is used, enjoyed and appreciated by the people of Dorset and visitors
  4. A coast where Dorset is a world-leading area in coastal management, where all the key partners are taking decisions and acting together to deliver the highest practical quality of management possible
  5. A coast that is managed to adapt to the issues of changing climate, economy and communities

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